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Solar Energy Products At Northern Tool

Solar energy can be used to generate electricity, provide hot water, and can naturally heat and light up a building.

It was just after the oil embargo of 1973 that many scientists began to really take a look at the enormous potential of solar energy.  Since then, renewable energy has made some important advances; however, geo-political structures and corporate interests have hindered solar and renewable energy technology to be useful or better said available for the average person.  

This obstacle is however beginning to turn.  More and more local municipalities and governments are encouraging the use of solar energy.  In addition, as the realities of the current dependence of energy continue to reveal its negative impact on our planet, we will be viewing renewable and solar energy as the more sensible path to our energy demands.

Here are just a few reasons why one should consider making a transformation to solar and renewable energy:

1.  Solar power is free.  No one can claim ownership on the sun and there is now way for any company to just shut the sunlight off on you and force you to pay.

2.  Solar energy does not pollute unlike the fossil fuels we currently use which is the main contributor of global warming.

3.  It is an issue of national and economic security.  Most of the fossil fuels we use come from countries that are either unstable or unfriendly.  There is little control on its costs or availability.  Freeing ourselves from that dependence has its obvious positive impacts.

If you are considering embracing the potential of solar and renewable energy, then feel free to browse this site.  We are dedicated to consolidating as much resource and information as possible pertaining to solar technology.

Ventamatic Solar Panel — 10 Watt, Model# VX SOLAR PANEL

Ventamatic Solar Panel 10 Watt, Model# VX SOLAR PANEL

Additional 10 Watt multi-crystal solar panel for use with Item#s 336620, 336622. Dimensions O.D. x H (in.): 18 x 13, Works With: Solar Fans, Solar Panel Wattage: 10, Solar Panels Included (qty.): 1

Sunforce Solar Powered Underwater LED Floodlight

Sunforce Solar Powered Underwater LED Floodlight

This Sunforce solar powered underwater floodlight is an ideal choice for pools and ponds. It features a remote 1.2 Watt solar panel that the powers the LED floodlight. Includes integrated Ni-MH batteries. Application: Outdoor, Light Type: LED, Power Source: Solar, Solar Panel Wattage: 1.2, Batteries Required: Yes, included (3), Battery Type: Ni-MH AA, Lights Included (qty.): 1

Sunforce Solar Motion Light

Sunforce Solar Motion Light

Guard your home, yard, garage or RV with 3 bright, long-lasting LEDs without plugging into an outlet! Amorphous solar panel collects sunlight during the day, even on cloudy days. LED light ABS plastic with an amorphous solar panel. Application: Outdoor, Light Type: LED, Power Source: Solar, Batteries Required: Yes, included, Lights Included (qty.): 1 A solar powered security light that can be installed anywhere Ideal for security & lighting dark areas with the power of the sun Great for garages pathways & sheds No wiring required Easy to install Ideal for remote locations Superbrite LEDs provide strong and lasting light Weather-resistant design Charges during the day and works at night Amorphous solar panel collects sunlight even on cloudy days Ni-Cd AA600mAh 7.2V (6 batteries) Automatically turns on when motion is detected On/off switch on the back Light turns on automatically when it senses motion at night and stay off during the day One dial located on the underside of the sensor which controls the length of time the light will stay on each time it is triggered

NPower 5 Watt Solar Camping Kit

NPower 5 Watt Solar Camping Kit

This NPower solar camping kit is designed for camping, boating, fishing trips and more. It includes an amorphous solar panel that works even in cloudy conditions, along with a battery that powers the 2 included lights, along with a USB port for small electronics. Lights provide a safe alternative to propane lanterns and are ideal for dry areas. The included battery can also be charged with standard AC power. Application: Portable power, Watts: 5, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 5 x 3 x 18, LED Light: 2 lights included, Material: Amorphous solar panel, Panel Type: Amorphous, Panels (qty.): 1, Battery Included: Yes

Sumec North America Grid-Tie Solar System — 7.92kW, 33-Panel Array, Model# Power 7.9

Sumec North America Grid-Tie Solar System 7.92kW, 33-Panel Array, Model# Power 7.9

Sumec North America offers this grid-tie solar system that is designed for residential and commercial applications. The kit provides an investment-grade array of solar panels, inverters, racking and technical support to capture the power of the sun for your home or business. High-performance 240 Watt, 72 cell monocrystalline solar panels (64.6in.L x 39.1in.W x 1.8in.H) collect power and heavy-duty, 60Hz based inverter converts solar energy to grid-tie compliant AC power. Reduce or even eliminate electrical bills; in some cases system can spin meter backwards and sell excess electricity back to the utility Kit includes panels, inverter, racking, mounting hardware, cabling and wiring diagrams

Backup Power Source Solar Standby Power System, Model# BPS-1250-S

Backup Power Source Solar Standby Power System, Model# BPS-1250-S

Harness the power of the sun to generate your electricity and provide security during power outages. The BPS-1250-S solar package is engineered to allow you to create and use your own energy to power household appliances. Plus, each unit acts as an ultra-quiet emergency backup system that monitors your utility companys electric power 24/7. U.S.A. Plug & Play no installation of power system required. Application: Household appliances, Watts: 1250 running watts; 1875 watts for up to 15 seconds; 2500 surge watts for up to 10 seconds, LED Light: 6, Material: 150 Watt photovoltaic panel, Panels (qty.): 2, Battery Type: 220Ah batteries, Battery Included: Yes In the event of a power outage, the built-in automatic transfer switch provides backup emergency power and recharges with the power of the sun; no additional transfer switch required unless using in conjunction with a generator Energy is stored in 2 powerful 220Ah batteries, then converted to AC electricity by the systems inverter charger Converts 12V DC to 120V AC @ 60 Hz Battery charge rate 3-stage, 30 Amp battery charger Quality modified sine wave output 6 LEDs for continuous status information 2 NEMA 5-15R output 110 AC receptacles Charges batteries with solar or utility power or standby generator Two 150 Watt photovoltaic panel units (solar panels)

Your Solar Home SolarSheat 1500G/S Two-Pack Solar Collectors, Model# SH1500G-BL-2Pak

Your Solar Home SolarSheat 1500G/S Two-Pack Solar Collectors, Model# SH1500G-BL-2Pak

Dual solar air collector system is designed to provide supplemental heat for rooms up to 1500 sq. ft. Includes Item#s 456300 and 456301. Heating Capability (sq. ft.): 750 - 1,200, Panels (qty.): 2, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 87 x 86 x 3 13/16, Application: Provide supplemental heat for rooms upt o 1,500 sq. ft., Panel Type: Modular solar air collector, Material: Extruded aluminum construction with tempered glass panels, Air Delivery (CFM): 70, Mount Type: Wall or roof Requires no electrical connections and is completely self-powered Can help reduce your heating bill Reduces about 3/4 ton of CO2 greenhouse gases per year Approved by the Solar Rating and Certification Corp. (SRCC) for SRCC OG-100 certification Easy mounting on a south-facing wall or roof Extruded aluminum construction with tempered glass panels Each unit is 87in.L x 43in.W x 3.8in.D


Solar, Wind, and Renewable Current Energy Events

Using Solar Panels Are Not As Complicated As They Say

Set ups can be very simple basic ones have:

  • Solar Panels
  • Inverter and Charger
  • Battery Bank

You can also add many accessories to your green energy generation such as

  • Charge Conrolers
  • Wind Turbine Generators
  • Grid-Tie Systems

For a basic solar panel set up please see diagram below

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